TD Musang King
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Product Name TD Musang King (TDMK)
Price(1 box 5 sachets)
Malaysia:MYR 198.00
China:RMB 398.00
Singapore:SGD 70.00
United of Kingdom:GBP 40.00
Hong Kong/Macau: HKD 398.00

TD Musang King (TDMK)

Dr. Mark Dargan Smith is the founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chancellor and Dean of the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr Mark came to Malaysia few years ago and discovered Musang King, the top class of durian in Malaysia having the potential of improving man’s health. He went on to extract the Musang King contents and did extensive research. He then founded a formula that helps man to improve their health.

TD Binary has since worked with Dr Mark to release the TDMK that contains no human or animal stem cells. Only all natural ingredients. Unique and proprietary herbal process preserving all active ingredients and nutrients. Contains extensively researched herbal ingredients from around the world: Malaysia, China, United States, Peru and others.

  • Durian Extract
  • Radix Morinda Officinalis
  • Semen Cuscuta Chinensis
  • Serenoa Repens
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Peruvian High Mountain Maca
  • Stichopus Japonicus
  • Rhizoma Cibotium Barometz
  • Radix Polygonum Multiflorum
  • Epidemium
  • Cortex Eucommia Ulmoides
  • Radix Achyranthes Bidentata
  • Herba Cynomorium Soncarius
  • Radix Astragali Seu Hedysari
  • Asian Panax Ginseng

TDMK is a Male Balancer and builder, not just stimulator. Contains absolutely no tadalafil, sildenafil or other erectogenic substances (no Viagra or Cialis). It is not only to enhance the man's sexuality, but also balance the man's hormones. Long-term use of the TD Musang King will bring the following benefits:
  • Enhance liver capacity
  • Reduce Gout
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Relieve Fatigue
  • Relieve Lower Back Pain
  • Enhance Physical Strength
  • Benefits Prostate
  • Cardiac Benefits
  • Enhance the athlete's ability
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Improve Impotence
  • Reduce Premature Ejaculation
  • Enhance Sexual Desire and performance
  • Increase Vitality

Direction of Use
Below 40 years old:
3 days one packet. Open the sachet and consume directly. For the first timer, best to begin with half packet, another half packet after 1 day.

Above 40 years old:
2 days one packet. Open the sachet and consume directly.

Physical response after taking TDMK
Minor physical response:
Drowsiness, neck and shoulder stiffness, stomach upset, muscle pain – Drink more water.

Major physical response:
Fever, blood pressure risen, severe back pain – Stop consuming, drink more water.

* Swallow with warm water one hour before use.


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