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The principle of weight loss is to let the food intake (calories) < consumption. So eat less, more exercise has become the only way to lose weight. However, if you want to eat less, you must first know how to calculate the calories, and for most people, the calculation of calories is very troublesome, therefore, to replace the meal, has become the most common weight loss method and ensuring nutritional supplements is sufficient for our body.

There are a variety of meals replacement in the market, and almost all of the weight loss package will also have such a product. How can it easily lose weight? So many choices out there, which to choose? TD Meal Replacement has been the award winning and 100% pure plant based extraction that gives sufficient nutrient and protein to our body. Assuming that we eat about 1,600 kcal of calories a day, its distribution will probably be like this: breakfast about 20 to 30% that is about 320 ~ 480kcal; noon and dinner is about 35 to 40% that is 560 ~ 640kcal about. And the general calories is mostly between 100 to 150 kcal, so when you use the meal replacement to replace the original meal, it is very simple to reduce hundreds of kcal, if continue to consume, you can easily reduce the weight of a few kilograms every month.

The TD Meal Replacement is extracted from a biological cell food containing a patented extract of alpha and beta dextran polysaccharides, as well as amino acid peptide extracts, which are all completely natural. It ensures our body to gain the best benefits out of it.

Anything that our body does not need is waste and harmful substances, are called "toxins." Two sources of toxins:
  • Chemical substances such as artificial food additives, heavy metals, pesticide residues, preservatives, antibiotics and air, water pollutants that are found in processed food particularly.
  • Waste from the body's metabolism includes ammonia, carbohydrates produced after digestion of proteins, and carbon dioxide produced after fat metabolism, old nerve conduction substances in the nervous system, free radicals, or hormones that are no longer needed by the body.

If the toxin content is not high, the body will automatically discharge it. However, if the body's original detoxification function is damaged, resulting in toxins continue to remain in the body, will interfere with the balance of the body, making it easy to become "acidic" and lead to health problems.

The body itself has a detoxification function. Immune system operation, and metabolic cycle. Toxins are dissolved in blood or bile, from the liver, kidney, intestines, skin and other organs to detoxification, and finally through the urine, feces, breathing, perspiration, etc. excreted. But this automatic detoxification function will be weakened due to age, work and stress, so try to improve the metabolic rate, such as promoting sweating, exercise, will be able to strengthen the body's detoxification capacity.

Of course, the imperial power of the TD Detox can help to effectively discharge the toxins of our body. Long-term consumption of the TD Detox not only allows you to slim down, but also to ensure good health, and youthful vitality.

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